Splatter Comics: The little engine that could

The world of graphic story telling has never been more exciting. Just when it seemed that the landscape was about to be divided into two opposing empires, the internet exploded and opened a new world of possibilities. Publishing comics suddenly went from being a far-flung dream of epic proportions to a very real, relatively simple endeavor limited only by imagination. No longer were artists constrained by geographic elements, financial pitfalls or burdened by the whims of the talentless power mad corporate editorial staff. "Run with it" has become the battle cry of writers and artists everywhere.
Combining the traditional comic book form and 21st Century technology, Splatter Comics is committed to bringing inspired words and sequential art together in a way that represents a new age in comics.

Kyle Brummond: Guy who draws pictures

Don't let the chiseled good looks, wash board abs and baritone voice fool you... under it all Kyle is the biggest nerd that's ever lurked in the back issue section of your local comic book store.
A native of Las Vegas, Nevada, Kyle has been drawing comics since his parents banished him to the basement at the age of 11 for getting his 4th grade teacher pregnant. On making his escape, he shuffled down to the local copy shop with original artwork for Exodus 2000 in 1984 and Splatter Comics was born. Icelore, Justace and Techno Messiah soon followed. An award winning graphic artist and illustrator, Kyle brings his talents back to Splatter after years in corporate America.

Micheal Badger: Guy who types words

Born in Toronto and raised in the frozen wasteland of Calgary, Alberta, Micheal published his first short story, "The Ghost that Couldn't Glow" at the ripe old age of 9.
After brief careers in radio, advertising & bartending, he relocated to Los Angeles and began a career writing for film and television. Among his credits are "Landspeed", "Anti-Body", "Dragon Fighter", "Quicksand" and"The Red Baron". His latest feature film "Subject 15" was released world wide in 2012. A lifelong comic book reader, his work with Splatter marks Micheal's first introduction to writing for the format.

You: Guy (or Gal) with something to offer

It's going to be an interesting, exciting ride at Splatter Comics. Think you have something to offer and want to jump aboard? Are you a talented artist writer or webmaster? Drop us an email at kylebrummond@yahoo.comand tell us a little about yourself. Or say hi. Or ask us about our work. Or our dog. Seriously, we want to hear from you.